Giving Back

Giving back:

‘Giving Back’ to the community both locally and internationally has always been a part of the vision for Plumbwise Director & Senior Plumber Trent Slater.

‘Each and every person has the ability to reach out and help someone. We all 
have different skills and we should use them wherever we see a need,’......Trent


In 2011 Trent the director & senior plumber of Plumbwise went over to Fiji twice to complete major plumbing works on a Christian Children’s Home – Lomani Au
Lomani Au has been set up by some local Bundaberg families on the Northern Island of Fiji. 

Trent and the team continue to support Lomani Au Children's Home.

How You Can Help:
You too can become a 'friend' of Lomani Au and give regularly. Alternatively you or your business may be able to give back to this Bundaberg grown initiative. 


Trent more recently has made some trips out west and assisted in re-plumbing houses and farms that were devastated during the flooding that Queensland experienced during 2011 & 2012.

'The farmers out west are the backbone of this country. They're the ones that get forgotten about and will rarely put their hand out. It was a great experience to give back to them in a practical way.' - Trent 

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